Greetings from West Clare Ireland 🇮🇪

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    Looking forward to learning and improving my skills. A.x

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    Hi Anne. Welcome!

    How would you describe your level? Are you starting out or have you been playing for a while?

    And curious whether you have an electric or acoustic guitar?



    Apologies for my delay in responding Tomas. I’m playing about eight years on a nylon string Spanish guitar. I was loaned it for 50 years, by my brother Luka Bloom, on condition that I play it every day. It has utterly changed my life. I now write songs and am preparing to record my 3rd album! Not bad for a 73yr old eh?

    My playing is plain and simple. I can finger pick and strum and am familiar with the chords. Barre chords I have to learn and so far, I love how you teach them, power chords et al.

    I was kinda stuck in my playing and look forward to playing up and down the fret board as I go along. That’s me for now.

    Stay Well stay safe. A.x



    Great that there is another Irelander here. Playing three years. Loving the commitment by Tomas to the course and it is like he says, it becomes a way of life. Good luck with it. T

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