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Medical Advice and Caution!

Also medial advice. One of my favorite Artist Steve Vai who is a Guitar God in my book (only one God in my book just over emphasizing here for a point) and is utmost professional was holding chords for like hours and hours and he hurt the tendons in his hand and could not play for awhile from that injury. Point is listen to your body!

Stretching and some discomfort and stretching type discomfort is one thing but do not hurt yourself and do not over practice this. Like in the second video from the female guitarist do it like maybe once a day take care of your body and listen to it.

I understand “my” body “the pain that is ok” and “the pain that is “NOT” ok” like joint and tendon pain that is “NOT Ok”. For example, for me playing through blisters was ok. HOWEVER I did not play till blood or open wounds… I only played through discomfort type pain and since not impacted tendons or joints it was different.

SO MODERATION for safety sake!

Just want everyone to be aware, wise and smart in their choices as stretching and workouts like these that effect tendons we need to be more cognizant of.

My personal exercises from above:

1. Do all of the exercises in morning around 6am CST when wake up

2. depending on how much played that day how tired my hands are repeat exercises before bed around 10pm CST weekdays. If tired or time constraints skip. I like to push boundaries as I am OCD and dedicated to extreme practicing that is not for everyone.

3. Also most of my practice during the day is mental practice with Theory and memorization of fretboard as that is my primary focus at this time in my training. So for my routine twice a day is not as bad as not a lot of stress on my hands most of the week.

4. Thomas has spoken on this before as well we all are different so we modify what we learn to fit us personally.

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