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Stretching and Strength exercises for advanced chord playing

Ok figured might save others some research:

1. This is great I think no matter what everyone should be doing this as anyone can do it and its like yoga for fingers and it feels good:

2. This one is really good and challenging as well so recommend it also but its more of stretching exercise to get stronger.

3. This one is brutal I posted on the video site even as i cannot hardly do even the first step down not so much because of the stretch that for my large hands is nothing its moving the fingers while others are stationary. I think excercise above this one with time will help to make this one easier though. I do just the first position maybe second right now its just to much. It makes me feel like I really suck and mind you I have no problems with FMajor, Dmajor, Gmajor, most the Major and minor bar chords I can play them pretty high speed in progressions but this stuff here OMG I am baby and fumbling all over myself and all trembly. So dont beat up on yourself I already beat up on myself on this enough for the rest of the world its natural this one is crazy hard. Might not even want to do it and stick to the other two for a couple months and then try this one.

Edited: I wanted to edit my response here on the last one. a bit later I decided to do this not worry about string clarity or perfection and just focus on separation of finger and on anchoring my fingers using my arm (very important) and not my hand with added pressure and did this all the way down the neck. I very much feel in fact I am 99.99999% sure this is effective because its the stretch that your focused on failure or not the attempt uses tendons and muscles when you attempt it. I did this all way down next was not as horrible as I thought but it was hard. I do have big hands so for me this is not so much stretch here but in building up control of fingers. its like doing pushups on your knees starting out right? anything you can do to modify so you can just get some work out. Hope this helps.

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