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Daily Key signature practice techniques. There is different forms of learning.

1. Audio (my weakest one because of ADHD)

2. Visual (I am considered more visual learner)

3. Kinetic – this is act of doing something like hammering a nail or writing down something (almost all people remember very well this way).

4. Smell – Also another very strong memory perhaps one of the strongest.

5. Taste – another form of strong memory

So knowing this I try to to use some of each.

Speak key out loud – Audio and some Kinetic

Write down the Keys – Visual and some Kinetic

While eating a meal in your mind run through Keys – taste and smell


If strong audio learner listen to someone explain or go over keys

If strong visual read them in book

So these are techniques I try to use though I dont always remember to do the meal one or I am spending time talking with family so that one may not always be as useful depending on setting.

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