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Not finding alot of great tricks for memorizing Key signatures. Just small stuff like mentioned above. My main focus on each key is to know the following:

1. Root , 4rth, 5th (Major chords) Example: C, F G

2. any sharps or flats Example: none in key of C major

3. Relative Minor Example A minor

Then by simple deduction we know everything else is Minor and can just count quickly to find if we know what keys are sharps and flats.

So that is my system. However, since no great trick I have found as of yet to memorize the key signatures I have taken technique I use for everything. Divide and conquer; basically learn in bite size chunks taking on smaller task.

So am learning this week Key of C Major, Key of G Major, and Key of F Major.

I kind of know these already but I need to eat live and breath them so strongly that by time I get into more advanced Keys I wont get tripped up. So I am basically going to learn 3 Key Signatures a week my first week (C major is kind of freebie) and the moving forward I will two each week going down taking one from sharp and one from Flat.

So next week will be Key of D major and the Key of B flat Major until I am done.

I do this because while I can read and understand key changes in a few minutes its not very useable knowledge unless you can access real time instantly where it then goes from not very useable to extremely potent information.

So learning is not enough you must practice and slow down on a topic this is required until you can access real time while playing almost without thinking.

In addition, it must be tailored to the person and fit their learning and the pace that works with them and their lifestyle. So don’t base how fast you learn off what someone else might have learned base it off yourself and try to be honest and push yourself and you will get improvements.

Well that what I tell myself anyway ;P

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