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ok now I see how this is beneficial!!!

E -1.5-> G -2.5-> C

So within the pattern look at what you have you know you need major 3rd and you know you need minor third for a primary non dim or aug triad.

No matter how you do this G is never going to be a 1.5 step (minor) or a 2 step (major from C or vice versus. So you move on. You see E is never going to work as a root with C as well.

However, you see that C–1.5 steps–>C is a minor 3rd and then its easy to see that E–2 steps–>G is a major 3rd and you know a minor 3rd and a major 3rd make a major triad so this is C major.

So you can identify triad that way if you was using some three chord triad but not sure what it was and wanted to create others to have a chordal melody but you was creatively having a block that you could remedy with music theory.

So anyway this is a example of a First inversion with the (3rd in the bass)

below is a few examples could analyze if wished including the one I did.