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yes Step and 1/2 step I refer to them as whole step and half step also sometimes tone and semi tone.

I guess what was confusing in my answers I named the 1.5 steps I did not put the word steps in there. I should have for example labeled it.

“[A- to C- steps = 1.5] and the interval name is minor third”

I know interval in non-music terms means how far something is; so I used it loosely and then also used it again when talking about the specific name of the musical interval. Good catch! and poor labeling by me.

Your right that is confusing. I get excited when typing and sharing information like a little kid and that translates to communicating like a kid at times doh!!!! :X

dang it fail sauce!!! I suck haha!

P.S. I would go fix it but you can only edit for a set amount of time.

Also I had sent you a question that was a giant wall of text about Intervals and why they wanted me to memorize it in certain positions I think I figured that out on my own so can ignore if like.

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by  Brian.