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Good choice!

A step-by-step path is the best way to do this. That’s why I created Beginner’s Journey.
You see, most of us start off with a variety of learning experiences. Watch a few YouTube videos. Take a couple of private lessons. Learn a few riffs from a friend.
This creates an education with gaps. Often BIG gaps. You could say it’s a bit like Swiss cheese. By filling in some of the “holes”, and tightening up some of the basic skills, it’s much easier to move forward.
But fear not. You now have the power of a system that I’ve created from years of experience. By following the system you know you’re not missing something critical.
You’ll have a working checklist of the important guitar playing skills. Those that you’ve covered, and those you need to work on.
Get started now with beginner’s journey…
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P.S. Because of your interest in fingerpicking I’ll recommend the Fingerpicking Magic 101 Course Module once you’ve completed the Beginner’s Journey. We can also re-evaluate. Feel free to ask questions anytime.