Strumming Mastery

In this step-by-step course you’ll learn two important things:
  1. How to change chords in time from one to another
  2. How to strum smoothly without speeding up or slowing down
You’ll also learn nine strum patterns for acoustic guitar… starting from the most basic to some pretty cool ones. In the process, you’ll gain the tools and techniques to make up your own patterns as well as play most any pattern that you see someone else doing. Includes 28 video lessons and an extensive workbook with patterns and tips.
· August 18, 2016

Strumming Mastery Tips

1) I’d encourage you to practice your strumming as a part of your regular guitar practice. Include whatever pattern you’re working on as part of your daily practice routine. This works best if you do a little at a time and keep coming back at it.

2)  Most of these courses work best if you go in order, but it may be more critical with this course than others. That’s because the later strum patterns depend on techniques and strum patterns that you’ve learned in earlier lessons.

3) Download the materials (workbook) for all the lessons before you get started.

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