RGS Live #8 | Fat Fingers/Blues Shuffle

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For today’s training Thomas gave 4 strategies for dealing with fat fingers and touching other streams from playing chords.

In addition he showed a 12 bar blues using the bar chord shuffle strum.

He also answered questions like “How advanced can I get from just learning online?”

Questions answered:

[18:45] Is there anything besides repetition to aide in landing your chord shapes correctly?

[23:48] How advanced can I get from just learning online?

[26:00] Do you do Skype lesson?

Tips for Working With Fat Fingers (notes)

  1. Neck width of the guitar
    1. Classical or steel string
    2. Convert a 12 string guitar
  2. Adjust finger angle
    1. Finger are wider than they are deep. Adjust so narrow part of finger is on the fretboard… angle hand.
    2. Angle finger up and down. Play more on tip of finger.
  3. Use different versions of chords
    1. A Chord
    2. E chord (two string with one finger; version with pinky)
    3. D chord
    4. One finger for two strings
  4. Don’t underestimate the ability of humans to adapt
    1. Be patient…
    2. Most overcome problem with practice.
    3. The more you play the harder your fingertips get and the less they spread out.

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