Monthly Practice Plan – January 2021

Wow, a brand new year! 2020 brought the world a lot of challenges. We’ll have a lot of those challenges in 2021, but with a new year comes new opportunities. For me, playing guitar is more than just a vocation. It’s a passion I’ve been chasing for decades. And if you’re like me, I’m always adding something guitar related to my New Year’s resolutions. 

Maybe you’re doing the same. Making a resolution to practice more, or play more. Maybe you want to learn a specific technique or genre of music. Being in a continual state of learning is the best way to stay focused and interested in guitar. If you can keep learning you’ll keep growing and never get bored with it.

So consider that as you’re going through these lessons. Some might be more challenging than others, and some might be more interesting to you than others. But they’ll all help you to become a better guitarist and musician. And remember, have fun with this and enjoy the journey!

So when you’re ready, grab your guitar, tune up, and let’s dive in.

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