A Minor Scale – Soft Rumba Improvisation

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Lesson Description

This is actually one of the scales I use most. It’s extremely versatile and can be used with many styles of music.

It’s also a movable scale. That which means you can move it around and play many different scales. For example if you move it down two frets it becomes the G minor scale. Up two frets and it’s a B minor scale.

What You Will Learn:

A Minor scale (movable)

– Practice jamming in the key of A minor

For the backing track I’m using the chord progression from a short tune I’ve composed called Soft Rumba. Let me know if you like it and I’ll create a lesson around the chord changes and groove.

Resources: If you’d like more structured lessons on improvisation go to Improvisation FastTrack 101. As part of your RGS membership you have complete access to this step-by-step course on learning to improvise.

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