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  • Chris Lay

    July 6, 2017 at 8:03 am

    Welcome….I’m probably too much of a beginner to give much advice but, as they say “you asked”😊 My suggestion is to pick up your guitar EVERY DAY, even is it is only for 5 minutes, you will be surprised how much improvement you will see. And you will also begin to find a little more time as you improve. I am dead serious about this. I started learning about 2 years ago. I have probably only missed a handful of days of not picking up my guitar even for a very few minutes and picking out something. Maybe u can take it to work and hit it for 5 minutes at lunch, just keep doing it. I think most people try to go too fast anyway when trying a new endeavor, whether it is a golf swing or whatever. And most important to me, enjoy the journey, this about self satisfaction, relaxation (at the end of your long day), and enjoyment.  And one last thing, pick a simplified version of a song you like and work at it in little chunks, gives you a reward. Sorry for the long winded reply. Just enjoy!