• Tomas

    June 16, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Welcome Danny. I’m glad to have you here.

    How the weather now in Boston? I was born in Worcester MA, but my parents decided pretty quick after I was born to escape the winters and head to California.

    I look forward to supporting and encouraging you with your guitar paying goals.

    Feel free to ask questions so I and the others can help.

    BTW… the newest and biggest improvement I’ve made to the site in the past few months is to create a Monthly Practice Plan every month. You can access it from the main dashboard. It’s something you can do a little everyday (10 minutes or so) without worrying if you get it down. It’s meant to be challenging. Give it a try and check off each exercise as you go.

    I’ll do a drawing at the next RGS Live for all those who have checked off all the exercises (not perfected… but worked on it for 10 minutes).

    Hope you’ll play along 🙂

    Take care Danny,