RGS Live June 2017 – Land Of Fingerstyle/Q & A

· March 25, 2018


RGS Live June 2017 – Land Of Fingerstyle

Thank you everyone that joined me on the RGS2 live today.

After listening back to the recording I was disappointed with the sound quality. After doing some research I discovered the equipment I’m using works fine for voice… but not so much for music.

I’ve already purchased some new equipment and I should have it tested and working for the next event.

Outline of Recording

  • 3 Styles of Fingerstyle
    • Fingerpicking Patterns
    • Classical Style
    • Chord?Melody Fingerstyle
  • Basic Technique
    • Place fingers; pull into palm
    • Thumb press down
  • Basic exercise D – Cadd9 – G6/B
  • Drop D Tuning
  • Basic exercise D – Cadd9 – G6/B with Drop D
  • Playing A Song Chord/Melody Style
    • Amazing Grace Melody
    • Chords for Drop D
    • Chords and Melody together

Questions Answered:

1. When is the best time to introduce fingerstyle playing in the whole structured lesson format? – Steve

2. I really don’t have a specific question, just help getting the speed bumps that always seem to be in my way, so any words of advice would be helpful – Paul


Here’s the downloads that I talked about:

Fingerstyle Exercise #1

To help you practice placing your fingers properly and pulling them into your hand. Remember to go slow at first, and stay relaxed.

Fingerstyle Exercise #1 With Drop D Tuning

This is the same exercise with drop D tuning.

Amazing Grace Melody

Here’s the Amazing Grace melody written out with notes and tablature. I’ve also written in the chords above the staff.

Amazing Grace Chords With Drop D Tuning

This includes diagrams of the chord forms in drop D tuning.

Amazing Grace Fingerstyle – Notes and Tab

And finally here’s the entire song written out in notes and tabs.


Click here for a better version of my playing Amazing Grace slowly…




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