17- Heart of Gold Intro

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I like this lick so much that I’m incorporating it in playing other songs of mine.

What a great idea to let us learn the whole song of Neil Young, Tomas! I couldn’t open the video of number 17, so I went to the optional song again and there awaited me a new horizon with possibilities of licks, hammer on’s… Very grateful and happy! Thanks, Tomas, you are really bringing popular songs to the level of everybody.

Tomas (Administrator) February 28, 2023 at 12:01 pm

I’ve fixed this, but I like you went to the entire song lesson Sissel.

I did it Tomas and it was a great experience! Each day I am grateful that I found your lessons, they are giving everything I have to know as a “grown-up” student! They are giving a great joy to my life and, of course, as a consequent also to the people around me. Because I am able to write my own music and express things “saying it by music”. My songs are of course very simple in practice, like a strum on a chord, you know? But they give a deep satisfaction because I finally are able to express myself through text and gitar playing.
My hope is to communicate it more on the forum, but I just can’t get it work. So patience is a good companion…

Good going Sissel. I started out like that and can now play quite well. Maybe I should upload some of my creations even though they aren’t in English.

Please Shulamit would you be so kind to do that? Sing in whatever language you want. Doing it you are giving us your soul, that is what counts! And, there is always the possibility to write something beside the video, so you can explain what it is about. I am waiting for your song with joy!

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